The best part of buying a new home is going out and touring homes. This is
especially true for first-time home buyers. As time goes on, however, it can
be frustrating when each home falls short of expectations. While it’s
important to be realistic about what is available and affordable, there can
be a temptation to settle when the right homes don’t pop up quickly.

When this happens, it’s important to take a step back and reevaluate the
criteria. Often buyers head out without a solid list of “must-have” and
“like-to-have” features in mind. If finding the right home is becoming
difficult, then this is the time to create or review these items.

Consider lifestyle as well as willingness to renovate or remodel. Is it important the
home is turn-key on day one, or is there a willingness and ability to make
changes after the sale?

Focus on the “must-have” list first. There could be a beautiful chef’s kitchen
on the “like-to-have” but if 4 bedrooms are critical for the size of the family,
the larger kitchen will not compensate for long. That said, if the hope is to
find a home with a pool, is there room to add the pool later?

Finding the right home is often a matter of timing. Patience is the best
advice. With the start of the new year, new listings are hitting the market
every day. The perfect home may not have been listed yet.