Real estate is changing at a rapid pace and each year brings innovations to
the industry. Pushed forward by thought leaders, the real estate industry
embraces advancement of products and services quickly, all designed to
stay ahead of the competition.

Here are a few tech trends for 2022 that are having people talking.

· Immersive AR/VR for Property Touring – The pandemic forced a
drastic change in the way agents marketed and showed properties to
prospective buyers. New technologies are using Artificial Intelligence and
Virtual Reality to allow buyers to “walk through” the properties with an
immersive experience.

· Digital Marketplaces for Buyers and Sellers – Nobul is leading the
field with its digital marketplace. They offer transparency regarding fees
and commissions and use a sophisticated algorithm to match buyers and
sellers with agents who align with their criteria and values.

· Blockchain and Tokenization – Blockchain technology is used as a
ledger for Bitcoin transactions, but it offers much more. Blockchain is
impossible to tamper with, shows instantaneous changes, and is publicly
visible. Investors are using this to bring greater accountability to the
process.” Blockchain technology is also used in real estate tokenization
that allows investors to purchase a small fraction of a property, lowering the
entry threshold to a new class of investors.

· IoT in Property Management – Property Management can now offer
smart technology systems linked via IoT (Internet of Things) hubs to bring
real-time visibility and security to more properties.

The real estate industry has always embraced innovation as a way for
agents to differentiate themselves in this highly competitive market and
serve their clients better.