Whether you plan to buy a single-family home, condo, or townhouse, buying in a
new development can cause years of issues if you don’t choose a property with a
solid, reputable home builder.

It’s exciting to consider buying new construction, a brand-new home suited to
your specific needs and taste. Yet unlike the resale homes, there are no previous
owners to provide disclosures detailing issues with construction, lot, or property.
In this case, one is relying on the builder to provide a high-quality home in both
construction and materials.

As with any home purchase, doing your homework ahead of time can save you
thousands of dollars over the long run. Start by researching the builder of the
subdivision. Check for other projects, both current and past. Visit any projects still
available and drive by the other properties to see how the homes have
weathered. Watch for signs of repairs, such as new roofs or paint.

When visiting the model homes, watch for the qualify of construction. Do the
doors and drawers open and close smoothly? Are the floors finished at the
baseboards neatly? Ask for a tour of unfinished homes as well. Check to see if the
workmanship is uniform and careful.

Finally, have a home inspection before closing on the property. A staple of the
resales housing market, few homebuyers of new construction consider it. By
taking the time to do your research ahead of time, you can make the right choice
in a new home.